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Welcome to the site FavoriteTV. This site is created for those who are looking for good and high-quality TV series that are broadcast by the most popular American, British, Australian and Canadian TV channels such as ABC, CBS, CBC, HBO, ITV, Sky, BBC, ABC Australia. Also on our site you can download tv series for free which are released by paid services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle.
For your convenience, everyday we monitor the release of new episodes and series that you will find on the pages of our website. We also made it easier for regular users of the site to search for fresh episodes each day. You do not need to go through all the pages of the series, but just go to the TODAY tab and you will see all the episodes that came out for the current day.
On our website you can find not only new shows and series of 2018, but also those shows which could conquer a huge audience in the past seasons. On our site you can download and watch any shows and series at a convenient time for you. The conditions for downloading and viewing online can be found in the FAQ section.
On our site you will find series of various genres, and for different age categories. Detectives, Dramas, Thrillers, Comedies, Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Animation are available for downloading in the most popular video formats such as avi, mp4, mkv. Also for the most popular series, we upload videos in HD quality. All these video formats are currently supported by all devices (PC, Tablet, Phone).

How to download your favorite TV shows and TV series from the Internet today

In our time, television has taken a large part in the sphere of entertainment. After all, this is the easiest and most affordable way to escape from everyday life and everyday routine. But, unfortunately, not everyone has cable TV, satellite dishes or the ability to connect to paid television packages to enjoy television to the fullest. To solve the problems above, such a thing as the “Internet” has come into our life long ago. This is what opens up all the horizons in front of a person providing a fast connection to any place in the world and from any device, whether it is a tablet, personal computer or your smartphone.
From this it follows that nowadays almost everyone has an Internet connection or a Wi-Fi zone on the device. Thanks to this, you can watch and download your favorite shows and series on sites such as FavoriteTV for free.
On our site you will find all the new and popular TV shows of the most famous American and British channels, as well as those shows that are being broadcast in paid mode. Having access to the Internet in front of you opens a multimillion-dollar library of material.

Where is it better to download the series for free and without torrents

The most popular method of downloading episodes today is to use special File Sharing services. Why is this the easiest and safest method? It’s simple, you get a video file from a special repository, which has a number of protection against viruses and other malicious software. Also, the main reason to use this method is the speed of file retrieval. In the paid mode, you can get your file in 1 minute or less, unlike the torrent client that works in a completely different way. On our site we use the Keep2share File Exchange service. Here you can download TV shows without annoying ads and even in free mode. All the series that we have up to 500 Mb you can get for free. We have been working with this service for a long time, therefore we are firmly confident in its reliability and safety.
If you have any questions or difficulties while downloading or using our site are always ready to be resolved. Contact our support at any time!