Black Sails season 2 2015
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Black Sails season 2 2015

The new season of the magnificent drama Black Sails season 2 waiting for all fans of the series immediately after the end of the first season. Creators said at the end of the first season to continue. Writers of the show tried to glory, in all directions – the actors, filming locations, costumes, role, music, storyline. At first glance, this series of episodes portend the development of the plot, on which the guess. But they went the other way, they have created something something brutal, exciting, fascinating and candid.

The series Black Sails Season 2 from the first episode attracted the interest of millions of audience, each episode of his unpredictable .The filming does not reflect a simpler time when piracy was beginning its heyday. The scene of this magnificent show fictional island of New Providence, where lawlessness reigns, corruption and brutality of local pirates. The focus is on the most daring and formidable Captain Flint, which many are afraid, whispering behind his back about his exploits. Flint’s team also has his right hand John Silver, who is obsessed with one goal, to take the place of his captain. We also see a formidable Eleanor Guthrie, daughter of a local lawyer, who turns prey pirates in profit.

The main characters of the series Black Sails Flint and Eleanor ally, for the sake of a good cause, detach the island from the British Empire. To do this, the team’s most powerful and cruel pirate should seize «cash boat» Urca-de-Lima. Do not miss the new series of this magnificent adventure series, the plot of which continues to heat up, a series of a series of…

Original Title: Black Sails
Country: USA
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Creator: Jon Steinberg, Robert Levine
Cast: Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Zach McGowan, Tadgh Murphy
Quality: HDTV
Format: AVI
Runtime: 57 min
Language: English
Size: ~ 350 Mb

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