Caught season 1
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Caught season 1

Original Title: Caught

Country: Canada

Release Date: February 26, 2018

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Creator(s): Perry Chafe, Julia Cohen, Allan Hawco, John Krizanc, Adriana Maggs

Cast: Allan Hawco, Paul Gross, Eric Johnson, Tori Anderson, Enuka Okuma, Greg Bryk, Charlotte Sullivan, Billy MacLellan, Mike Dopud, Julian Black Antelope, Saul Rubinek, Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz, Chris Young

Quality: HDTV

Format: avi

Runtime: 60 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 500 Mb

Your attention is presented to the dynamic thriller Caught season 1. The events of this story unfold in 1978, since the escape from prison of David Slaney. The guy was convicted of possession and distribution of drugs. In essence, David is an excellent and purposeful person. But under the weight of not existing life and a bad circle of communication, his life is exactly as we have seen from the first episode of the TV series Caught. After the escape, the main hero did not even fall the down. He again starts into the cycle of his former life, full of drugs and danger. All the state police are looking for David. And this does not detain him particularly, he is again at the same path…

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