Dystopia season 1
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Dystopia season 1

Original Title: Dystopia

Country: UK

Release Date: 2019

Genres: Sci-Fi

Creator(s): Michael Copon, Simon Phillips

Cast: Michael Copon, Simon Phillips, Sheena Colette, Eve Mauro, Leo Goodman, Mercedes Papalia, Chalet Lizette Brannan

Quality: WEBRip / WEB 720p

Format: mp4 / mkv

Runtime: 45 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 250 Mb / ~ 800 Mb

The Sci-Fi TV series Dystopia season 1 takes the viewer to the future – in 2037. A terrible threat hangs over humanity in the form of an irresistible virus that has infected all people with sterility. For a quarter century, no child has been born on Earth. In the new world, power belongs to large corporations such as Biocorp. They promise a cure for infertility for decades. A couple of scientists open a temporary portal to the past. The main characters manage to return to 2017. Before the main characters have an important mission – to make a real purge in the past, for the sake of a new life in the future.

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