Game of Thrones – review

Game of Thrones – review

Review tv series Game of Thrones:

In 2011 HBO began filming the most expensive tv series in the world called “Game of Thrones”. I’ve heard a lot about this show but I always watched something else, and now I was finally able to assess this huge tv series. Most fans of the tv series was waiting for a new episode one after another for five years. I managed to watch six seasons at once. After I have assessed this awesome show of the genre fantasy, I can say that it is a masterpiece of its genre and a stunning tv series of a very high level and quality. Nothing is left now but to wait for the seventh season.

There is a tv series that consists of many episodes, with ten episodes in each season. The tv series is based on the novels by George R. R. Martin “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the continuation of which are being written till today. Each episode of this tv series is as a big-budget film. The only wish after watching each episode is to watch the next one. Everything is incredibly  made, so “Game of Thrones” is a tv show of a very high bar, and after it, it is difficult to watch other tv series. You just want all the shows to be of the same high level and quality.

We see the history of the seven kingdoms and the enticing iron throne, the story of several families and battles, love and deceit, intrigues and warriors, friendship and faith, betrayal and brotherhood. While people fight with each other constantly, while they defend the authority, their borders and conquest, the legends come true, and the darkness hides behind the great, mysterious wall…

It’s difficult for me to name a favourite character. Thinking about the heroes who can be identified in the first place some names immediately come to my mind such as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister and the favourite family of Stark, about which you always worry. The characters of this story are all different and very interesting. I want to emphasize that the creators of the show chose all the actors perfectly. The cast is amazing and everyone is in his/her own place. The viewer only has to dive into the mysterious world of the Seven kingdoms and enjoy the story.

Almost all the actors were familiar to me before this tv series, but I liked one actress only after this tv series and her name is Emilia Clarke. Her heroine Daenerys, who is a mother of dragons, Clark played admirably. All the scenes, where she is involved, are always special, and you want to watch them over and over again. This character is as the heart of the whole story. The Daenerys’ fate and way are incredible, and the viewer with eyes wide open goes along with her through her journey of conquest.

The character Jon Snow, who was played by Kit Harington is also loved by millions of viewers. He is very powerful and bright. This character is a true warrior, a man, a leader. His fate is also very interesting, and Snow stands out of all the characters. He is the soul of this story. I really do not know why, but from the first series, I wanted Snow and Daenerys to meet face to face.

It is necessary to mention the Lannisters in the capital, who were amazingly played by Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. It was after this series when Dinklage was loved by everyone in the world. His dwarf is a very interesting and not easy character and is something very unusual for the viewer as the main character. The actors Heady and Coster-Waldau have been making their career in the film industry for a very long time, and their work in the movie is familiar to me. They both have been waiting many years for their glory and finally their main roles came to them in the characters Cersei and Jamie Lannister. It is the story of these heroes that is the most shocking for the viewer. Jamie’s thoughts are clear, but Cersei is not very understandable to the audience. She is full of secrets and her deceit has no boundaries. The episode with her at the end of the fifth season was the most memorable and entertaining for the viewer.

The Starks are the foundation of this story, because with them the audience started to go through the whole story. You usually worry about the members of this family the most. Their family is the favourite one, and each of these characters has his/her own incredible and hard life. The idea with the huge wolves was fascinating. I really liked it. Among other characters I want to notice Brienne, Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane and the red witch Melisandre, who is the most mysterious character.

While watching “Game of Thrones” you get in a huge fantasy world, which is thoroughly and excellently designed. In each series the viewer can expect an incredible turn of events and many surprises. Everything is watched by the viewer with the eyes wide open, and it is clear why this tv series creates hot debates by critics and audiences worldwide. It is not like other tv series and it gives us something magical and amazing.

The history of this fantasy is fascinating and very interesting. Everything is shown with a very high quality, because a lot of money was spent on it. So, something awesome was created, the actors were chosen carefully as I have already said, and very successfully, the atmosphere in each episode is pleasant, everything is done thoughtfully and all the details are counted. So this tv series is perfectly good in all senses of this word. The HBO channel has raised the bar very high, and their project stands out from all the traditional and familiar tv series that we all used to. “Game of Thrones” is something cool and inviting, full of surprises and incredible stories. Each episode is watched with a great interest and I want to thank the creators of this amazing tv series very much.

“Game of Thrones” is the adventure, drama tv series with a touch of fantasy. It is a gift to the world by HBO. The project turned out amazing; it is opening the viewer a window into the unknown world. It was great and I eager to continue watching this tv series. I am looking forward to see a new part of this amazing story.

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