Homeland – review

Homeland – review

Having yielded to the general hype, I started watching the tv series Homeland, and I must say, at first I could not understand why this work created so much noise around it. Yes, the idea of the tv series is very risky. Yes, everything looks so realistic that sometimes you cannot even understand where the reality is. But not even noticing this, I watched all available seasons till this time! As a result, I have come to several conclusions:

First of all, the Homeland is not a typical TV series just to “relax”. This is not the case when the dialogs sound as a background and you do absolutely different things, occasionally looking at the screen. Here you need to watch and understand, analyse and study the heroes. Initially, the main characters are CIA analyst Carrie and estimated recruited terrorist Nicholas Brody. Both these characters do not create any sympathy: both to the way they look and to the way they are inside. But that is precisely the main thing about this tv series — there is no place for the glossy faces in it.

Secondly, this TV series differs from others with its original idea. The actions of any intelligence service of any country is a secret for the ordinary people, but there is always a desire to have a look at their world at least just a little bit and see how even our own destiny is sometimes resolved. In this tv series, however, the truth is sometimes very disgusting…

The scriptwriters go over the edge, touching the problems and conflicts of religions, refugees, traitors, and indeed the theme of terror (especially now) which is extremely painful for a civilized society. You understand that you are only watching a movie, but at the same time you do not forget that the idea is very close to our real life, and here comes a question whether it is worth to make it available to the public eye and risk people’s possible rising of the fear of terrorist attacks among civilians.

Thirdly, the paradox of the main characters is interesting here. I hate the image of Claire Danes. I cannot justify some of her actions, I feel no sympathy and compassion to her. But, nevertheless, I continue to pay attention to the character development of her heroine and realize that I am waiting to continue doing this. I am much more interested to observe the secondary characters, whose lives were influenced by the ambiguous actions of “CIA”. Family, friends, neighbours — those people are carrying the whole burden of the infamy of the main characters, and from the point of view of psychology, it is interesting to observe how they cope with it all.

Homeland is a tv series for the selected viewer, which creates mixed feelings. For some people who are very easy to be impressed it is not the best tv series. I don’t regret wasting time. It’s just the special movie, it is impossible to compare it with something, and therefore it is difficult to understand your own emotions.

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