Safe season 1
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Safe season 1

Original Title: Safe

Country: UK

Release Date: May 10, 2018

Genres: Drama

Creator(s): Harlan Coben

Cast: Amanda Abbington, Hannah Arterton, Louis Greatorex, Michael C. Hall, Raj Paul, Freddie Thorp, Tyler Conti, Katy Carmichael, Darren Kemp

Quality: WEBRip / WEB 720p

Format: mp4 / mkv

Runtime: 45 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 350 Mb / ~ 800 Mb

Safe season 1 is new drama series and we are excited to present it to your attention. Tom lived a usual life, worked as a children’s surgeon and everything seemed to be just fine. Suddenly his wife dies and he becomes a widower. He is left with two daughters by himself. With time they start to come back to a normal life and he even decides that he is ready to let love come in his life. Suddenly, his older daughter disappears mysteriously. Many questions come up to the main character’s mind. Will he be able to find his beloved daughter? Let’s find out together in the series Safe season 1.

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