Shut Eye season 2
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Shut Eye season 2

Original Title: Shut Eye

Country: USA

Release Date: December 6, 2017

Genres: Crime, Drama

Creator(s): John Shiban, Leslie Bohem

Cast: Jeffrey Donovan, Isabella Rossellini, Dylan Schmid, Havana Guppy, Layla Alizada, KaDee Strickland, Angus Sampson, David Zayas, Callie Hope Haverda, Caleb Z Smith, Lorrie Odom, Noah Bean, Aasif Mandvi

Quality: WEBRip / WEB 720p

Format: mp4 / mkv

Runtime: 44 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 350 Mb / ~ 1,1 Gb

We are happy to present you the second season of a great tv show Shut Eye season 2. The story about the Californian mediums continues and this is going to be an absolutely new chapter. The new season promises to be full of new characters, adventures and even dangers. Charlie Haverford and his wife Linda will have to change their attitude to relationships to go through everything. The Marks family will be experiencing not the easiest time in their life. The creators promise many new unexpected turns of even so you definitely cannot miss the premiere of the second season of the series Shut Eye.

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