Single Parents season 1
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Single Parents season 1

Original Title: Single Parents

Country: USA

Release Date: September 26, 2018

Genres: Comedy

Creator(s): Elizabeth Meriwether, J.J. Philbin

Cast: Chloe Perrin, Ella Allan, Mia Allan, Marlow Barkley, Devin Trey Campbell, Jake Choi, Jennifer Elizabeth

Quality: HDTV

Format: avi

Runtime: 30 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 200 Mb

The brand new tv show Single Parents season 1 is now presented to your attention. This is a new sitcom from the ABC channel. Will is the main character of the show. He is around 30 and his main task in life is to bring up his daughter. He absolutely lost his identity, forgot about dates and personal life. His friends decide to team up to help him. They try to explain him that he can be a good parent together with a strong man with his own life. Will they be able to do this? Will the main character change? These and many other questions will be answered in the series Single Parents season 1.

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