Spider-Man season 1 2017
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Spider-Man season 1 2017

Original Title: Spider-Man

Country: USA

Release Date: August 19, 2017

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Creator(s): Kevin Shinick

Cast: Robbie Daymond, Max Mittelman, Melanie Minichino, Fred Tatasciore, Nadji Jeter, Laura Bailey, Josh Keaton, Jason Spisak, Ben Diskin

Quality: HDTV / HDTV 720p

Format: avi / mkv

Runtime: 22 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 200 Mb / ~ 500 Mb

A new animated series on Disney XD channel is presented to your attention. It is called Spider-Man season 1 and no surprise it is all about the superhero of Marvel comics. The creators promise to surprise all the fans. The series is mostly concentrated on the early life of Peter Parker as a superhero. We will see how he first becomes a Spider-Man, his all feelings, his new life. The producers promise an amazing animation which will surprise everybody. This series will include a lot of adventures and difficulties at the very beginning of the life of Peter as a Spider-Man. You definitely cannot miss the series Spider-Man season 1 as it is worth watching.

Spider-Man tv series download episodes of season 1:

Preview episode 25:

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