The Punisher, The truth will be revealed to the world!

The Punisher, The truth will be revealed to the world!

Within a few months, Netflix carefully retouched the premiere date of all promotional materials for the series The Punisher, forcing the audience to guess the missing numbers. And finally, the online service introduced the trailer, telling us when Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) will start his solo swimming. This will take place on the 17th of November, in the meantime you can enjoy another brutal movie in which the Punisher crushes everyone and everything.

In contrast to the previous video showing the happy Frank’s past in his family, a new trailer takes the viewer in the days of his military service, gradually linking the old events with the present ones. Now Castle reproaches himself for what he did, but, according to the mysterious hacker, that army turned the main character into a killer.

Now the Punisher is ready to take revenge, and his enemies should not expect any mercy. One against the government and influential people, Frank is going to tell the truth to the world. Some innocent victims are inevitable in this war…

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