Westworld season 2
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Westworld season 2

Original Title: Westworld

Country: USA

Release Date: April 22, 2018

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Creator(s): Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Michael Crichton

Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden , Ed Harris, Talulah Riley, Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan, Jimmi Simpson

Quality: WEBRip / WEB 720p

Format: avi / mkv

Runtime: 60 min

Language: English

Size: ~ 450 Mb / ~ 2 Gb

We present to your attention the continuation of one of the most intriguing shows in the last years and it is Westworld season 2. In the first season we saw an ideal world. This world is like the one many of us imagine in our dreams. The main characters are the owners of a big corporation which opened the boundless limits of opportunities and desires for their rich clients. Not everyone manages to get into the world where everything around is so real. Only the one who has lots of money gets the opportunity to release his essence outward without limiting himself to rules and principles. A man, who has fallen into the world of the wild west determines his rules, and everything follows them. But behind this all is a complex algorithm of the intellect of androids, and their capacity is being monitored all the time. The client when rendered in this park of unlimited possibilities himself chooses the place and time of the action of his game. Only he establishes the rules of the world in which he is.
In the finale of the first season, we saw that the world decided to exist according to its rules, in which there is no room for a human. There was a daring and ruthless uprising of biological robots. Everyone who got in the way of these robots excruciatingly lost their life.
Westworld season 2 series Showrunners Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy have confirmed that the sequel will take its start a little ahead of the events in which Dolores killed Dr. Robert Ford. These facts give all the fans of the show even more intrigue than the last minutes of the finals of the first season. Also, some hints were made about what the second season will be focused on. Viewers are promised to immerse even more in the inner world of biological robots, through research and analysis of the behaviour of the artificial intelligence’s brain which went out of control of the council. Also, the image of the new poster for the second season does not leave us indifferent to the continuation of this show. On it, we see a robotic vulture sitting near the hat of a man in black. What could this mean? Is this a hero out of action plot…
We know one thing for sure – all fans of this magnificent series Westworld season 2 can expect an incredible play of protagonists and unpredictable developments. The new season of the series Westworld will be aired on April 22, 2018.

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